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We want to be your Gilbert realtors, we are true real estate experts.  We have lived in Gilbert for 15 years and have been selling real estate for more than a decade.  Having sold the majority of our homes in Gilbert, we have intimate knowledge of each of the Gilbert, AZ. communities.  We have spent thousands of hours personally driving each Gilbert community, taking pictures of them, writing about them, and researching them.  We are always actively researching and keeping up with the market trends in each of Gilbert's communities.  This empowers us as Gilbert realtors, and it greatly benefits our clients.

Why Work with Us:

    The only thing better than 1 great Gilbert realtor is 2.  When working with us, you get a 2 for 1.  Because we are a husband wife team and we have the same goals, interests, and bank accounts :-), you can rest assured that you get the same treatment from both of us.  Availability is the number 1 reason our clients choose us.  Realtors have a bad rap when it comes to communication and answering their phones.  This is not us, our number 1 goal is availability, and we can accomplish this better than anyone because we are 2 people.  When someone calls about your home we will answer the call.  We have our personal cell phone numbers on all our signs and marketing materials.  WE ANSWER OUR PHONES!!
    As real estate goes from old age to new age, it is important to have technology at the forefront.  More than 90% of home buyers start their search online so it is important for your home to be visible on the world wide web.  With the Zillow's and Trulia's out there, your home could get lost in the maze of the thousands of homes that are listed for sale each day.  The typical buyer has to sift through hundreds of results before they may run into your listing, giving you no guarantee that they will ever see yours.  This is where good Gilbert realtors can come into play.  We pride ourselves with technology and we prove that by having a website that ranks on the first page of Google.  What does this mean?  When someone lands on our website, they will see your home if it is listed with us.  Exposure is the number one reason a home will sell over another.  If your home has the right amount of exposure it doesn't have to be the best on the market, it just needs to be seen.  Not only do we have a #1 ranking website, but we are social media giants. The quickest way to get your home exposure is to use the social media outlets of the world and we do this better than anyone.  We make social media posts daily!  We are the #1 realtors in Gilbert. Check us out here or Google Gilbert real estate experts.
    We are experts when it comes to pricing a home.  The most harmful thing you can do when selling your home is over price it.  We don't mean you need to under price it, but just don't get too crazy on asking for too much.  There is a real strategy that goes into pricing a home right and we have the equation.  Having worked side by side with 2 separate home flipping companies that averaged nearly 100 flips a year, we became home value experts.  There are 2 things that must be considered when pricing a home.  What will the property appraise for and what will it sell for?  These are 2 very different things.  Just because a home appraises for XYZ does not mean it will or should sell for that.  There is no one better at finding the price a home will sell for than a home flipper because there business depends on it.  If you are working with a part time realtor, neighbor, friend, or family member, chances are you will loose money.  How many times do we hold back truth in order to not offend someone?  Friends, family, or neighbors may avoid discussing hard truths, like how your purple kitchen that you love so much could potentially kill any chance of getting top dollar, or maybe you have a stinky house?  We don't mean to sound harsh, but a good realtor stands out from the rest. Those using one of the previously mentioned realtors will regret it in the end.  It's just like anything else, you don't go to a heart surgeon to have your knee replaced and maybe not even to a part-time orthopedic surgeon.  We promise not to sugar coat anything, we will tell you how it is and give you our very best advice even if it hurts your feelings.  Our job as your Gilbert realtors is to sell your home for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time.

    Real estate law can be complex, and having a realtor(s) that know the contract backwards and forwards can really come in handy in a pinch.  All to often we find ourselves fixing the errors of other agents.  Those errors not only can jeopardize the deal entirely, cause major headaches, but can even cause more issues after the sale.  We not only know the contracts ourselves, but we have aligned ourselves with experienced brokers and team members.  Don't trust your home to just anyone, let us show you why we should be your Gilbert Realtors.

5 Steps To Sell Quick & For Top Dollar

Selling your home can be as easy if you do it the right way.  Below is an outlined of our 5 step process to sell quick and for top dollar.  We have compiled this list of things to help our sellers have the upper hand against their competition.  If you should have any questions about our home selling system, please contact us at 480-788-1819 or request a copy of our Home Sellers Guide.

1.  Price It Right

The absolute most important thing that you can do to sell quickly and get more money is to price your home right. It is always tempting to over price a home.  We get it, it's natural to want more money, but if you over price you will get even less.  It is a well know fact that an overpriced home takes longer to sell and will sell for less.  Matching buyer expectations with the right price is a must as the majority of your showings will be within the first 30 days on the market.  We use advanced market analysis software to determine your optimal list price.

2.  Condition

In order to demand top dollar your home most be in pristine condition.  Although a spotless home does not merit a new record setting comp, it couldn't hurt.  It will not however sell your home for more than your neighbors decked out modernized pad, but it will get you the most out of it's current condition.  Cleanliness is key, here are a few must do's prior to listing your home.

  1. Baseboards- Clean them!  If they don't come clean with a wet cloth, get the paint brush out.  When your done you will be amazed at how clean your floors look and you'll wonder why you waited so long to do it.
  2. Caulking- Yup, you read that right.  There is nothing worse than showing a home that has nasty black caulk lines.  It is a huge turn off and it makes buyers wonder about the rest of the homes condition.  Don't let your potential buyers make there own judgement about your homes cleanliness, make it for them.
  3. After VacuumBefore VacuumFlooring- If you have tile, clean the grout lines.  Again, this is something that will have your jaw dropping when you are done.  Your floors will look brand new and you'll wish you had done it years ago.  If you have carpet, vacuum frequently.   Buyers notice dust bunnies around the baseboards and the matted down worn out carpet.  If you want more money, make sure the carpet strands are standing at attention.  A quick pass with the vacuum will accomplish this.
  4. Smell- "Stinks," said no one ever while walking through a model home.  Smell is huge, it tells the whole story of a house.  If your home smells bad you can kiss your potential buyers goodbye.  15 years of showing homes and walking through thousands, we can honestly say that the first thing buyers notice in a home is the smell.
  5. Kitchen- If you have lots of counter space it's okay to have a few appliances on them, but if not clear them of all appliances if possible. Show off your counter space. Do the dishes, keep a clean sink, replace old drain stops, plugs, and even the entire faucet if necessary.  The cost to replace these things are miniscule to the returns you will get from doing it.
  6. Declutter- Are your wall closing in on you?  Do you have them covered in knick knacks and pictures?  Buyers need to see how big a space is.  If you have more than 1-2 items on a wall, you have to many.
  7. Furniture- Less is more here, you should be able to walk comfortably around all items with out having to duck and dodge.  Again, the larger a room looks the better.
  8. Rooms- I know this can be a daunting task if you have children, but it is an important one.  Remove the pictures of Justin Bieber, repaint if you have bright colors on the walls, make the bed, and keep the floors clear.
  9. Master Bedroom- Make your bed and clear off the bathroom counters of everything.  The only thing you should see on the counters is maybe a soap dispenser.  Organize your closet, hang up your clothes, and keep everything off the floor.  We promise you that if you have a small looking closet you will loose most buyers.  We see it happen all the time.
  10. Landscape- This is generally has more of an effect at certain price points.  However, if you have grass it needs to be cut and edged.  The last thing you want is your potential buyers to see how difficult it must be to maintain grass.  If you have nice looking grass and you run into a buyer that does not want grass, you still have a shot at selling to them.  But if your grass looks crummy, they'll walk.


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