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BUYER BEWARE!!!  BUYER  BEWARE!!!  BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To our potential buyers,

Using a Gilbert real estate agent is a vital part of buying a home as many of you know, but why???  The number 1 reason, our services are paid for by the seller which makes them 100% free to our buyers.  Please, please, please, do not use the sellers agent!! (listing agent)  Many people believe using the listing agent will save them money on their home.  This is far, far, far, from the truth. In-fact using the sellers agent can have the exact opposite effect. Sellers have contractual agreements with their chosen brokerage to pay a fee of X amount of dollars.  The broker then offers to share X amount of dollars to the brokerage who procures a buyer for their listing.  If the listing agent should find a buyer who is not being represented by a buyers agent, that fee does not get reduced. The entire fee goes to the listing brokerage saving the seller $0, and quite possibly costing the buyer more money.  How you ask?  Let me explain in further detail below.

Both buyer and listing agents are bound by a contract to their clients.  They both have a fiduciary responsibility to get the best price and most favorable of terms for their clients.  It's no different than a defense and prosecuting attorney, each one fight in the best interests of their clients .  If you show up with no representation, they will take advantage of you.  That is their job after all.  

Almost every home has deep and dark secrets.  Whether it's a cracked foundation, termites, a leaky roof, plumbing issues, electrical problems, a history of scorpions, mold, etc., these are things you want to know about.  Sure, an inspector is trained to point out anything obvious or out of the ordinary, but they are also limited in many ways.  How do you know what is serious, what should you ask the sellers to fix, what does the seller have to fix?  These are all question's you want answered truthfully and without hesitation.  Most people have good intentions, but sometimes money clouds the judgement of even the most honest people.  When you have an agent who stands to double his commission, just by telling a little white lie, "forgetting" to mention something, or just make big issues seem petty, it makes you wonder if they will do what is right.  Is it worth the risk??? 

Do yourself a favor and find an experienced buyers agent to help negotiate and protect you from your future homes deepest and darkest secrets.  Contracts are complicated and even the smallest of words can change the entire terms. Consider the thousands of contracts we and other brokerages have filled out, and then consider your own experience.  Even if you choose not to work with us, please find someone to represent you. 


The Myers
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