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If you’re looking for a place in the sun and your piece of the American Dream – look no further than Gilbert, Arizona, where you’ll find the “Small Town Feel” with the “Big City Appeal!” Gilbert offers an unbeatable quality of life that combines family focused community planning with some of the most vibrant and dynamic business opportunities you’ll find in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Gilbert, AZ. is listed as Arizona’s #1 city to live in. With a strong economy and plentiful job opportunities, a vibrant housing market, tons of family activities, terrific schools, beautiful parks, golf courses, and recreational areas – it’s clear that Gilbert is not just a great place to call home, it’s a lifestyle destination!

Why is Gilbert So Special?
Just what makes Gilbert so special? Other towns may be in the news – but how many of them have made national headlines because it’s “the friendliest place in Arizona?” And what other city do you know that has the sheer diversity of leisure, cultural, and entertainment activities that Gilbert offers? Where else can you find two beautiful live theaters, a museum, – and replicas of all the great baseball fields? What “small” town has cutting-edge galleries, weekly art walks – and “Rodeo Days?” Gilbert Rodeo DaysGilbert offers multi-faceted fun for everyone – whether it’s our multi-movie complexes or the amazing Riparian Nature Preserve, or the fact that you can experience fine dining, music, and dancing at night, and then take your kids to a competitively designed 22,000 foot Skate Park the next day. When you live in Gilbert – you won’t have to go on vacation to have fun!

Gilbert is not only Arizona’s top choice for cities to live in, it also holds the distinction of being the 4th fastest growing city in the entire country, and it’s easy to see why. Gilbert’s thriving downtown Heritage District is surrounded by carefully planned communities, each with it’s own character, style, and design. But the one thing they all share is Gilbert’s awesome amenities, pride of place, and community spirit.

With recently developed “master-planned” communities like SevilleAgritopiaSpectrum at Val VistaThe Bridges at GilbertShamrock Estates, and Power Ranch – you’ll find exceptional homes in beautifully designed and carefully laid-out developments. From Adora Trails and Acacia Estates, to Cordova and Velvendo of Gilbert, to Whitewing and Weston Ranch – every planned development of homes has been designed to fulfill a family’s dreams. Remember Bedford Falls in “It’s a Wonderful Life?” Combine that community spirit with beautifully designed homes at every price point – and you’ve got the combination that has put Gilbert on the map.

Gilbert Arizona. – Combining Family, Learning, & Economic Growth
Not only is Gilbert a great place to raise a family – it’s a great place to provide for a family. Forbes Magazine has Gilbert listed as the third best place for job seeker’s in 2015, as well as their top choice for “10 Best Cities for Working Parents.” Business Week names Gilbert as one of “America’s 50 Best Places to Raise Kids 2013,” and Wallet Hub says that – out of 300 communities across the US – Gilbert is the 16th best for first-time home buyers. It’s the second safest city in the country (Law Street Media, 2014), and its schools are not only ranked as some of the best in Arizona, but also some of the best in the country (US News, Education). When you look at what Gilbert offers young families – it’s no wonder Gilbert has been named is one of the “Top Places in the Nation to Live and Learn” (

But family isn’t the only focus Gilbert’s city planners had in mind when they mapped out the future of Gilbert’s growth. While Gilbert is beautiful, and offers amazing homes and community life, without an infrastructure of strong economic growth, future financial potential, and plenty of jobs – a city can’t thrive the way Gilbert has, and “thriving” is one of the many things Gilbert does best. CNN’s Money magazine has named it as one of the top 25 places in the country to live, and The Daily Beast has named it one of America’s top “thriving” cities – right alongside Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Gilbert – Where the Jobs Are
Gilbert is rapidly becoming a major economic “boom town.” In May of 2015, the unemployment rate was 3.6%, well below the lowest national average, and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Arizona. Not only that, but it has a predicted job growth of 39.80% over the next 10 years. Thanks to a community government that has focused its economic development strategies on the “STEM” Industries – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math lead the way in Gilbert’s developing business sector. Gilbert holds particular appeal for these companies for three reasons:

1) Highly trained, specialized workforce:
Gilbert borders on Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus and Chandler-Gilbert Community College, and has more than 69 other colleges, universities, and technical schools within 30 minutes of its Heritage District downtown. That means that Gilbert can offer technological businesses – the wave of the future – a highly educated and specialized workforce. Almost half of Gilbert’s residents holding at least a BFA or above, and industries that focus on pharmaceuticals, oncology, cardiovascular science, regenerative medicine, biofuels, medical devices, and nutraceuticals are all finding Gilbert a prime center for highly skilled, technologically advanced workforce talent. A few of the main employers of the area include:

  • Banner Health
  • Mercy Medical Center
  • Anderson Cancer Center,
  • Cardiovascular & Stem Cell Consultants
  • Celebration Stem Cell Center
  • Heliea
  • Development LLC
  • Ironwood Cancer and Research Center
  • Isagenix
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Orbital Sciences

2) Physical proximity and convenience:
Gilbert also offers ease of access for businesses in terms of marketability. It’s physical proximity to major freeways, railways, and both of Phoenix’s airports make it an attractive “hub” for potential companies with multiple branches on both coasts, as well as internationally. It has also led to a growth spurt in the hospitality industry in Gilbert, as more national and international companies find Gilbert a prime location for corporate headquarters, meetings, and events.

3) High quality of life with availability of top-notch housing market:
A huge bonus for companies is the fact that Gilbert can offer such a high quality of life to their prospective employees. The beauty, safety, and prime assets of every housing community in Gilbert mean that attracting top talent for their firms is easy. The Gilbert, AZ. real estate market offers a huge variety of homes at excellent price points, from beautiful condominiums and starter homes to master-planned communities to executive luxury estates on large lots with horse facilities.

In short, Gilbert Arizona is one of the top U.S. cities in the country to set down roots and build the best future for yourself and your family. Gilbert offers top-of-the-line educational resources, career opportunities, recreational advantages, and beautiful homes in beautiful communities with outstanding top-of-the-line amenities. Let us show you what Gilbert’s planned communities and housing developments can offer you and your family.

Gilbert – Home of the Finest Examples of a Beautifully Planned Communities
One of the many reasons Michele and I love Gilbert is because it’s communities are so well-planed, and the layout of the entire city – 176 incorporated miles of it – is so well
“thought-out.” Gilbert isn’t one of the sprawling “suburbia-style” cities where housing developments and infrastructure are added on haphazardly, care and attention was given to just how Gilbert should grow to accommodate the families it hoped to attract.

Just take a drive through Gilbert, and you’ll see that the same dedication to quality of life continues to be Gilbert’s number one priority. And if you want – take a look at the Town Council of Gilbert’s “Mission Statement,” and you’ll see what we mean! Vision statement, "Gilbert, a safe, healthy, clean, attractive, family-oriented community that embraces our Town's heritage yet recognizes the opportunities of the future without sacrificing the resources of today. Gilbert will continue to grow into a Town with: (Continue Reading).

Gilbert has attracted an array of developers who, working together with Gilbert’s Town Council, have created a number of communities with beautifully designed homes at every price point. Every community in Gilbert can offer homes with the kind of upscale amenities and attention to detail that matter to people who appreciate both comfort and style. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be amazed at the craftsmanship your housing dollar will buy in Gilbert!

Not only that – in Gilbert you’ll discover just what the advantages of living in a “planned community” entail. As Gilbert was developed, careful consideration went into analyzing what people and families need and want in a home. Where do they work, what kind of drive do they want? Where do they want to shop? What about schools? What about parks and recreational facilities? These and more are the important questions that developers asked and answered when Gilbert’s subdivisions were laid out. Whichever one of Gilbert’s beautiful home developments you look at, you can be sure that careful thought and attention has been given to putting together a community that would provide the kind of living standard a family needs to thrive.

At Gilbert Communities we promise, we’ll make sure you find your dream home and the life you and your family are looking for! If you would like to see all Gilbert homes for sale click below or use the property search at the top of this page.

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