If your considering entering the Gilbert real estate market, you might be asking yourself where is the best place to live in the city of Gilbert.  With Gilbert's recognition of being the second safest place to live in America, you really can not go wrong when choosing a spot in Gilbert.  The Gilbert real estate market could potentially make that decision for you.  The growth of Gilbert has affected the cities home prices as they steadily rise every year.  Before we get into our picks for best communities in Gilbert, lets first consider a few things.  Gilbert is a true suburb, we are located about 20-30 minutes from the center of Phoenix.  Michele and I are going to put these things in the order that are most important to us, yours may vary.

The first thing that we consider is, how new are the surroundings.  We love the outdoors and need parks and playgrounds for the kids and hiking, biking, and nearby shopping for the adults.  We typically gravitate towards the newer parts of Gilbert, not that the older parts are bad or anything.  We just like the new feeling when we are shopping, eating, or just cruising around.  It's hard to describe, but its a feeling you get in your surroundings, sometimes you just feel better in certain places than others.  The second thing we consider are the home prices.  Some communities are much more pricey than others, usually due to location or the quality of the home construction.  Thirdly we look for distance to the freeway, we probably speak for everyone when we say we don't want to spend all day in the car.  Number 4 is schools, although I can't think of any Gilbert schools that are bad, we look mainly for the commute.  We have busy lives and don't really have the time to drive our 4 children to school every morning.  I guess it doesn't help that for the last 7 years we have been spoiled, our kids can walk about 100 yards and they are on school property.  Yea, that is real nice!  Since we can't all live across the street to our children's schools, we really should think about how they are going to get there.  The last thing we consider when looking for a new home is actually the home itself, sad I know, but the other things are just more important to us.  Now that we have our 5 things to consider when choosing a community, we will give you our personal expertise of Gilbert real estate and the communities with in it.

View all Seville Golf & Country Club Homes For Sale - Our top pick community would have to be Seville Golf & Country Club.  Although there are many reasons, golf would be the #1 reason.  If you hadn't already known, I play golf professionally.  I love real estate, but if we are being honest, golf is my passion.  Seville is the only private country club in Gilbert and it offers amenities like no where else.  Tennis, swimming, socializing, salon, spa, fitness center, a restaurant, and golf are just some of the things Seville offers.  Seville is beautifully landscaped with flowers, shrubs, trees, and orange groves.  The smells that radiate through the communities when the orange trees are blossoming are fantastic.  We love the outdoors and the miles and miles of trails that meander throughout the community are great to go for jogs or bike rides with the kids.  Michele and I lived in the community for almost 2 years and we had family living there for much longer.  The people are great there and we made a lot of friends.  The homes in Seville are plentiful, from countless floor plans, to home prices for anyone's budget.

View All Shamrock Estates Homes For Sale - Another community dear to our hearts as this is where we currently live, but it's not all prejudice, there are some legit reasons this has made our list.  Shamrocks Estates is Main Photo (1)located across the street from Seville Golf & Country Club So many communities now days are cram packed together.  I picture myself jumping roof top to roof top sometimes.  Not sure why because that's just weird, but I can't get over how close some of these houses are together.  Shamrock Estates is very much the opposite to that.  Shamrock Estates offers generous sized lots without having to own a riding lawn mower.  Even the Olympic gold medalist for long jump couldn't jump to my neighbors house.  We like our space and Shamrock Estates has lots of it.  The communities streets are all lined with trees, which is unique, there are not many communities with tree lined streets in Gilbert, or even the Phoenix metro area in general.  They provide much needed shade.  Shamrock Estates has a community school at the center of the community that is ranked a 10 out of 10 by GreatSchools.org.  We have amazing parks throughout the community that the kids love to play on and if we want to go hiking, the San Tan Regional Park is less than 10 minutes away.

whitewing-at-germannView All Whitewing Homes For Sale - If your looking for luxury, you will want to look at homes in Whitewing at Germann Estates.  Home of the 2013 Street of Dreams, this community defines luxurious living.  Each home sits on a minimum a half acre lot.  These luxury homes feature the latest in interior design, technology, breath taking landscape design, energy efficiency, and top of the line construction quality.  Just minutes from fine dining and world class shopping, Whitewing has everything needed to live in the "lap of luxury".  Whitewing is home to sports stars, business men, and retirees.  Whitewing re-defines luxury in the Gilbert real estate market.    

View All Circle G Ranches Homes For Sale If your looking for acreage, Circle G Ranches is the very best.  With locations all over Gilbert your circle-g-ranches-mapsure to find the right spot to call home.  Circle G Ranches generally come with at least 1 full acre and generally have horse privileges.  All homes in Circle G Ranches are custom and there are still many lots available to build on.  The Circle G communities have CC&R to protect it's residents from someone under building for the neighborhoods.  This protects home values and keeps your neighbor from parking run down cars in there front lawn.  :-) 

View All Vintage Ranch Homes For Sale This Fulton Homes community is located near the center of Gilbert.  Vintage Ranch is close to downtown Gilbert and all of it's amazing history.  Read all about Gilbert herevintage-ranch-in-gilbert Vintage ranch is home of semi-custom homes that will amaze.  All these homes sit on very large lots and most have basements.  Basements are rare in Arizona, not sure why as they are a great place to stay cool during the hot Arizona summers.  There are wonderful parks in the community and the Gilbert Schools are top rated.  Freeway access is just a few minutes away to the 202 and just a few extra minutes to the 60.  The reason we love this community so much is because of it's location and the build quality of the homes.  

There are certainly a lot more communities to choose from, but these are a good start.      

Cheers, The Myers!