Biking The San Tan Mountains In Gilbert, AZ.

San Tan Mountain TrailLast year I started a new hobby and that hobby has been quite the challenge.  I have a newly found respect for the sport of mountain biking.  If you like the outdoors as much as I do and you want some of the best cardio ever, then go ride a bike up a mountain.  Sounds easy enough right?  Wrong!!  I remember the first time I went like it was yesterday,  because I have never been so humbled after trying a sport for the first time.  I was one of those guys that could play any sport, and in a short amount of time I was playing at a very high level.  I'm in my mid 30's now, but all year last year I spent a good amount of time getting back to my 160 pound frame through a lot of cardio driven exercises.  I was back to nearly the best shape of my life.  So when my brother and his friend ask if I wanted to go ride up and down a mountain, naturally I said yes.  All I was thinking is what a great way to get outdoors and still get my workout in.   I have always been a fan of those road bikers, you know the ones that wear the tights?  I mean shorts, and they sit in the turn lane with you and move at a snails pace.  Just kidding, never been a fan!  But, if road biking is anything like mountain biking, then they've earned my respect.

When we arrived to the mountain, we prepped our gear and bikes and chose a trail.  Being the strapping lads that we felt we were, we foolishly chose the Goldmine trail, which happens to be the hardest and most steep trail at the park.  That trail goes from about 1,400 ft. of elevation to 2,500 ft. in about a 2 mile stretch. In the first 1/2 mile my brother was on the verge of puking, but again, provingFat Bike at San Tan that we were real men we kept on.  About another half a mile later my little brother was actually puking.  All those days of cardio were really paying off because my food was still in my stomach.  At this point, my legs were like jelly, but my cardio was still in check.  The trail seemed to never end as we went an 8 mile stretch before realizing that we had missed a trail and now faced 5 more miles of trail.  As we neared the end of the trail we got off our bikes to climb a portion of the trail because it was too steep to ride.  When we got to the top, there was a super downhill decent that again, we had to walk down, except for my brother.  I guess he was too tired to walk because he just rode right down it.  He was riding one of those new Fat Bikes which gives a lot more traction, but I'm pretty sure not too many people have braved that decent. After the ride was over we found ourselves planning our next ride.  Really??  Can that much pain and exhaustion be really worth another go?  Apparently yes, because we rode almost every morning for the entire winter and spring.

The San Tan Regional Park is just 5-10 minutes away from Gilbert communities like, SevilleShamrock EstatesThe Bridges at GilbertAcacia EstatesMarbella VineyardsCordova, and Freeman Farms. There you have miles and miles of Mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding.  You can enjoy various types of wildlife including birds, mammals, and reptiles.  The mountain is filled with huge Saguaro cactus, various desert trees, shrubs, and seasonal flowers.  If you love the outdoors, but still need the city amenities, the communities in Gilbert, AZ. have everything you need.  Gilbert Communities is committed to bringing you real life experiences and information about our great city of Gilbert, AZ.  Check out all Gilbert, AZ. MLS listings here.