Sold in 24 hours and for $16,000 more than 2 model matches.

 How did we do it?  How can you sell your home fast?  Let us give you a little background on this listing first.  

74 days ago we took a listing from one of our toughest clients ever.  "Tough," meaning that they really put us through the hot seat before they gave us the listing.  These clients were very demanding and  expected a lot in a very short period of time.  We felt like we were on one of those episodes of "Million Dollar Listing".  Our clients wanted their home sold in less than 30 days and for $26,000 more than 2 exact model matches that were currently on the market. These two homes were so close in similarities that it was obvious that the one priced the lowest would be sold first.  They both had been on the market for more than 40 days already and our clients only wanted to sign a 60 day listing agreement.  You can imagine what we were thinking.  We almost didn't call them back.

We as most realtors are not in business to just list homes, our job is to sell them.  This task seemed impossible but through a bit of negotiation and expertise we came to a list price we could both agree on, and yes, we signed a 60 day listing agreement.  Our co-workers thought we were crazy, and to be honest my wife thought I was crazy as well.  We invested almost $900 into listing this home and only had 60 days to sell it for top dollar and that is just what we did.  We are happy to say we got this home under contract in 1 day at full price and we and our sellers were more than pleased.  

Are you looking to list your home?  Do you want to sell fast and for top dollar?  Give us a call for a free home evaluation and the secrets to selling quick.  We will come to you and go over a plan to sell your home just as we did this one.


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